NTV – Our Journey

Howdy, fellow time travelers in the matrix of the bits and bytes! First of all, Nottingham TV (abbreviated NTV here onwards) wishes to thank you for visiting our official website, and we warmly welcome you to a new media department in the University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus (UNMC)!

Before everything else, let us brief about our once upon a time. We started as a small division under a club that is unrelated to media (interesting isn’t it?). At first, the pioneers consisted of only 3 students – Edmend Kooh, the current Executive Producer, Ryan Thor, the current Content Director, and Yin Jou, the current Production Manager. We started putting in time and effort to recruit more members so that we could spark something together. Eventually, we increased the numbers of our core team members, which consisted then of 8 people, including the 3 pioneers. The first semester for the branch was rather hectic as the 8 people struggled to produce 2 programs fortnightly while managing the growing division. Slowly and steadily, our core team members increased to 10, and more roles were offered, reducing the heavy burdens on our shoulders. Eventually, we realized that the club we were under had no passion nor support for our work. Due to differences in management, vision, and mission, we parted ways. So, here we are, proudly a department in the Digital Arts Guild (DAG), which seeks unity in all media in UNMC so things can be more organized and centralized.


Now, please allow us to formally introduce ourselves. We are a student-led media primarily engaging all students and staffs in UNMC. We hold on to our motto “by the students, for the students” and we constantly listen to any feedback from the vibrant community of UNMC to offer you even better programs. Our crew consists of a wide range of students studying in UNMC, from arts to business to engineering, the talents are all here! We do not operate like a big multinational company that is very strict on everything. Instead, we are a very cheerful and friendly family, enjoying every moment working while having fun together. Stressed? Invert it and voila, we have desserts! If you are looking for a fun club to join but also want to learn a lot and expand your skill sets, then look no further!




We are currently working on several programs such as a quick and fun lecturer Q&A to bring out the usually-hidden side of our lecturers, a game-show-based series to dare UNMC students with some extremely challenging but hilarious challenges, a food show featuring various tasty food available around the campus in collaboration with the UNMC Food Infinite-D Society, and a 60-second news which we are working closely with the current Students Association (SA) executives. We are expecting more programs in the near future, expanding our scopes to bring together the whole community of UNMC. However, before that can take place, we gladly invite YOU to join our big family and help us out! We definitely could use your talents and ideas to expand and grow! That’s all for now, hope to hear from you! Bye!



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