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Simple Scallion Pancakes

Here’s how you can make one of the  all time favorite Taiwanese snack – Scallion Pancakes! To start with, this delicious and crispy pancakes only require 5 ingredients – Flour, Scallions/Green Onion, Salt, Olive oil and boiling hot water. All you need is to spend some time with kneading the dough, and I guarantee you this will be a delicious treat you will be making again and again. Steps: 1. Mix 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of hot water together. Then, add a pinch of flour at a time and stir until it forms a dough. 2. Once the dough is formed, leave it to rest for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, combine two tablespoons of oil and two tablespoons of flour and 1/4 teaspoon of salt to form the oil mixture. 3. Then, sprinkle flour on your clean working surface and pour out the dough. Knead it out with a rolling pin, a glass bottle or use your hands to press it down to form a circular shape. 4. Sprinkle 3/4 of that oil mixture and scatter sliced scallions evenly. 5. Roll it up like a cigar roll, slightly flatten and apply more oil mixture and role it horizontally. Tug the end of the roll underneath the ball shaped mixture, and press it down (refer to video). 6. Put oil into frying pan on medium heat, and sear the pancakes 2 minutes on each side. Then, apply more oil and cook for another 2 minutes on each side. 7. Serve with chili sauce and mayonaise.   Enjoy!... read more

The Cold Brew You Will Need For Your Revisions

Tired of instantly having to boil water and make coffee whenever you need one? Here’s something you should try: Cold Brew! What is Cold Brew? Cold-Brewed Coffee has sparked a recent trend, where it is served chilled in fancy bottled packages for a ridiculous price. So, what exactly is cold brew? Think of it as how we usually make coffee: Hot water with instant coffee powder for a quick dose of caffeine, or your fancy French press or Italian mocha pot, not just for the coffee, but for the aroma and the experience of enjoying your morning cup of awesomeness. Conversely, cold brew means making coffee with cold water. Well, not exactly, but rather, water which is at room temperature. As fancy as it sounds, it is simply using cold water to soak the grounded coffee so that the caffeine is extracted after hours of cold-brewing, rather than minutes of hot-brewing. At the first taste, you will notice the difference significantly. Hot-brewing coffee tends to bring out a stronger aroma in the room, whereas cold-brewing does not. Instead, what cold brewed coffee offers is pure coffee extract, which is somewhat less acidic and sweet by nature. When you take a sip, you will notice immediately how the aroma stays on your tongue, even after hours. If done perfectly, cold brew coffee is really good to drink on its own without the need to add any sugar. Likewise, if you prefer it hot and need it to finish up your assignments on time, you can pour it into a pan and heat it up gently over the stove. This concept... read more

NTV – Our Journey

Howdy, fellow time travelers in the matrix of the bits and bytes! First of all, Nottingham TV (abbreviated NTV here onwards) wishes to thank you for visiting our official website, and we warmly welcome you to a new media department in the University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus (UNMC)! Before everything else, let us brief about our once upon a time. We started as a small division under a club that is unrelated to media (interesting isn’t it?). At first, the pioneers consisted of only 3 students – Edmend Kooh, the current Executive Producer, Ryan Thor, the current Content Director, and Yin Jou, the current Production Manager. We started putting in time and effort to recruit more members so that we could spark something together. Eventually, we increased the numbers of our core team members, which consisted then of 8 people, including the 3 pioneers. The first semester for the branch was rather hectic as the 8 people struggled to produce 2 programs fortnightly while managing the growing division. Slowly and steadily, our core team members increased to 10, and more roles were offered, reducing the heavy burdens on our shoulders. Eventually, we realized that the club we were under had no passion nor support for our work. Due to differences in management, vision, and mission, we parted ways. So, here we are, proudly a department in the Digital Arts Guild (DAG), which seeks unity in all media in UNMC so things can be more organized and centralized. Now, please allow us to formally introduce ourselves. We are a student-led media primarily engaging all students and staffs in UNMC. We... read more

Behind the scenes

Valentine’s Specials 2015

Wanna prepare a special dinner for your special someone during Valentine’s Day? Here’s a recipe you could use to impress your loved one! Paella, also known as Spanish seafood rice is a relatively simple meal to prepare. By following this fool-proof technique, you will be able to pull off a simple meal in under 30 minutes and impress your loved ones, as well as avoiding long queues at fancy restaurants. This is because we believe that a meal cooked with full of love would be more remarkable than having to spend all the money that you could save. Plus, with a little effort put into decorating the dining table, your Valentine’s celebration will be just as good as paying for a RM800 table to have the “KLCC view”! So, embrace yourself gentlemen, it’s time to go grocery shopping! You will need: Parfait Ingredients   Price Yogurt   RM5.65 Fruit jam   RM3.68 Corn flakes   RM6.99   RM16.32   Paella     Ingredients   Price Chicken sausages   RM13.98 Spring onion/scallion   RM0.95 Olive oil   RM8.99 Rice   RM23.88 Turmeric   RM2.70 Paprika   RM2.20 Shallots   RM8.99 Lemon   RM1.49 Chicken Stock   RM0.99   RM64.17 Grand Total : RM80.49   **Optional: Prawns, squids, and fish! If you have extra money to spend, go on and purchase your seafood of choice as it will add wonders to the paella!** As fancy as paella sounds, one of the key ingredients is a rather expensive spice called saffron. By using turmeric as a substitute, I can guarantee that it tastes just the same while achieving a similar colour. The...

Behind The Scenes – Real Life Slenderman!

In less than a week, the NTV team has managed to plan and film one of the most impossible challenges of all time – the Slenderman Challenge! It all started when the NTV team was planning for the grand finale in a special meeting 2 weeks ago. We were quick to come up with ideas for Notice Me Sensei, but we were running low on brain juice when planning the finale for 4 guys 1 challenge. Somehow, the programme leader, Ryan Thor, suggested, “how about doing a Slenderman challenge where contestant have hot sauce drinking as penalty if they do not find a note in a period of time?” After several discussions, we decided to make a real life version of Slenderman instead of playing the video game itself. It was evident that running such a challenge was not going to be easy at all. There were so many unknown factors and thoughts going through our minds which were starting to hold us back. At some point, we begun to doubt if it was ACTUALLY possible to organise such a challenge. We wanted some references but we couldn’t find anyone who had done such a challenge. Instead of allowing it to demotivate us, it actually gave us a confidence boost, thinking that if we managed to execute this idea, we could be the first ones to execute a real life Slenderman challenge. Hence, the hectic week begun. Quickly, we scouted for a suitable location to conduct the challenge. Building after building, we imagined how the challenger would choose their path to find the notes and where the notes should...