Behind The Scenes – Real Life Slenderman!

In less than a week, the NTV team has managed to plan and film one of the most impossible challenges of all time – the Slenderman Challenge!

It all started when the NTV team was planning for the grand finale in a special meeting 2 weeks ago. We were quick to come up with ideas for Notice Me Sensei, but we were running low on brain juice when planning the finale for 4 guys 1 challenge. Somehow, the programme leader, Ryan Thor, suggested, “how about doing a Slenderman challenge where contestant have hot sauce drinking as penalty if they do not find a note in a period of time?” After several discussions, we decided to make a real life version of Slenderman instead of playing the video game itself.

It was evident that running such a challenge was not going to be easy at all. There were so many unknown factors and thoughts going through our minds which were starting to hold us back. At some point, we begun to doubt if it was ACTUALLY possible to organise such a challenge. We wanted some references but we couldn’t find anyone who had done such a challenge. Instead of allowing it to demotivate us, it actually gave us a confidence boost, thinking that if we managed to execute this idea, we could be the first ones to execute a real life Slenderman challenge. Hence, the hectic week begun.

Quickly, we scouted for a suitable location to conduct the challenge. Building after building, we imagined how the challenger would choose their path to find the notes and where the notes should be placed. Soon enough, we found a place. The blue building(faculty of science) seemed to fit the requirements and it was also very variable as it was not just a building full of rooms, it also had a very unique structure to it, with the garden, computer lab and so on. We set the notes and did a few test-runs to determine some of the factors: Can Slenderman move fast enough to catch the challenger? Is he scary enough? Where should he be? What are the rules to this challenge?

In the test run, we list down all the aspects that are needed to be performed and also aspects that we need to improve on or stuffs that we are lack of. We have tried various ways of playing with different people to perform the test run correctly and every contestant for the test run are required to have zero knowledge about the challenge. After every test run, we will ask the contestant various questions on how they feel about the challenge and what are the goods and bads in it. We will then try to get every feedback into account and in just 2 days of meetings after meetings via Skype and test-runs after test-runs at blue building, we managed to finalise most of the plan, except obtaining permission to use the building and getting all the equipment we needed.



Picture shown is the Slenderman used in the second test run


On Saturday night, judgement day had arrived. We managed to set up everything correctly. Our sporting challengers from Music Society were able to complete the challenge, with the highest record being 6 out of 8 notes. Some members of our team were injured during the challenge, so I would like to take this chance to say thank you to the NTV team for making this happen! Thank you to all my beloved team members, our challengers, Digital Arts Guild for all the equipment, and the cool students who didn’t mind us switching off the lights in the entire building to conduct the challenge. We hope you liked season 1 of NTV, as we couldn’t find an even more epic way to end the semester. See you soon!


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